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In 1860 AD (James Clark Maxwell), a Scottish physicist and mathematician, presented the theory of electromagnetic waves for the first time. Today, this technology is far more accessible to humanity. With Radio Sepas, refresh your spirit, always and everywhere. just by one click.


The book is an inseparable kind and understanding friend of man. We have undertaken the task of publishing and encouraging the reading of books, magazines, newspapers, and brochures in physical and electronic Because with men of understanding and knowledge its stability will long continue.


Even if the world and the busyness of life take away from us the study and spiritual path, there is a beautiful and excellent possibility to listen to our favorite books and audio collections. We undertook the task of preparing and making the podcast because we are eager to announce a good voice full of love, happiness, peace, and kindness.

About us

Sepas service group was formed in June 2020 to provide any kind of spiritual service equal to the word of God for all Persian speakers around the world. Simultaneously with the formation of Sepas service group, it was decided to start a media group. Today, with Sepas Media Group, we have accepted the task of producing and broadcasting radio, television, books, publications, and podcasts. we need your prayers, help, and all-around support

To fulfill this task as best as possible.

The email address for communication with the Sepas service group is thankslordthanks@gmail.com

Sepas TV

The date of television goes back to 1884. Today our goal is to present content in the truth because you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free.